Magnum Mining Inc. is an Investment Company, focused on growth through acquisition, expansion and development of:

metallurgical and mining projects

innovative new technologies

Our business model is to acquire projects at low cost that present the potential to prove up significant resources and revenues using our expertise to generate value through development, joint venture or divestment.

Our Management Structure and business model is the ideal vehicle to either acquire these valuable assets as we have a team of highly experienced and qualified experts in every area of mining and related industries.

Our focus is on gold because we view gold as the strongest store of wealth because of its scarcity. Gold, throughout history, has been seen as the best way to protect wealth and this is increasingly more so as the World lurches from one economic crisis to another.

By investing in strategic holdings and using our expertise to value enhance these assets, Magnum Mining will be generating future growth and increased value of the Company for its shareholders.

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