Gold Mining, the last great american adventure

After Mining and prospecting in the Weaver Mountains, Yavapai County, Arizona, one of the most productive Gold mining Districts in the State, three mining Companies have merged to form Magnum Mining Corp.

Be a part of the excitement

After three years preparation We are taking the first steps towards taking these Companies Public. We had a Private Placment Memorandum drafted. Pre-IPO Shares can be sold as an investment in the form of subscription shares. While it is true, You could lose money, You could also make three to four times your Investment when it goes Public in the initial public offering or I.P.O., later this year. Think of this; the opportunity to make three to four times Your investment and we do all the heavy lifting.

Invest In Your Families future

With the 08-09 meltdown still fresh in Our memories, physical Gold and Jr. Gold Mining Stocks is the place to put at least twenty percent of Your investment dollars. At twenty five cents a share and expected to go public at one dollar in six months to a year, almost anyone can invest in Magnum Mining Corp. ($1,000.00 Min.)

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